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There is such variety in exercise now, you could pick anything. Today we’re looking at body weight exercises.
Body weight exercises have always been a traditional ‘go to’ for many reasons. You don’t have to force yourself to go to the gym, feel uncomfortable about what to do that and randomly choose machine you don’t know how to use. By using your own body for resistance, you can target every part of your body, give your body movement it craves, get in a great cardio workout and feel amazing too.

1. You could do bodyweight exercises wherever you like
bodyweight exercises are perfectly doing wherever the hell you want to! You can do them right there in your home even in your pyjamas. You can even crank it up a level enjoy your workout outside in the fresh air.

2. You don’t have to pay out for expensive equipment
bodyweight exercise relies entirely on your own body to provide the resistance, you don’t have to fork out for expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment that you may never use all you need is your body.

3. You’ll be using your entire body
lots of people were working out the gym tend to focus on small groups of muscles, bodyweight exercises get your body moving and entirely natural way targets all your muscles. These place a much greater demand on your balance and coordination rather than doing isolated bicep curls.

4. You can adjust your workout to suit you
doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, bodyweight exercises allow you to find perfect modification to see your own fitness level. Can’t do press ups? Don’t worry-drop down to your knees.

5. You’ll get great results
all exercise makes you stronger fitter and more agile. They demand that you use your body in the very way that nature intended. Bodyweight exercises are great to include in HIIT based workouts and these can fit very easily into a busy schedule

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