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Fed Up Of Meal Prep?

Meal prep feels like a waste of a Sunday evening -will it really make a difference?


 You can’t out train a bad diet. The reason people meal prep is because it takes the emotion out of everything. When you’ve got no time, like on your lunch break, you’re more likely to make poor choices based on your mood or what’s available.


Having a balanced nutritious meal in place to go is always preferable to grabbing an unhealthy alternative. It also helps with maintenance.


To save time try using tins of protein rich foods like chickpeas, beans or lentils and make 3 or 4 dishes from a few ingredients!


If Sunday evenings are saved for the family BBQ, make use of the light mornings and get up earlier on a Monday morning! Yes, I went there 😉 but it WILL make a difference!


So short answer yes it will make a difference!

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